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The mound necropolis in the Propada area

The Thracian mound necropolis in the area of Propada is located near the town of Malko Tarnovo, in the Strandzha Mountain. The necropolis was discovered in 1979 and consists of a group of over 50 mounds dating from the 5th to the 3rd century BC.
Two types of burial structures can be seen here. The first type is called a 'cist' - a simple grave dug into the ground, lined with stone slabs and covered with earth. The second type are four tombs, different in architecture and time of construction. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev

Krastova Gora

The complex "Krastova gora" is 40 km away from Asenovgrad, at an altitude of 1545m. You can turn left from the village of Bachkovo on the way to Narechenski Bani. After that you travel about 30 km. The road is in good condition the first 15km. The next 15 km. it is better but narrower. There are many turns and a steady climb. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev

Thracian rock sanctuary "Rabbit's peak"

The Thracian rock sanctuary is located on the eastern part of the hill "Zaychi peak". The two-pointed rocky peak rises above the area and the ruins of the ancient town of Kabile. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev

Ancient Town "Heraklea Sintika"

Herakleia Sintika is an ancient town in today's Southwestern Bulgaria. Its ruins are located in the village of Rupite. It is about 2 km away from Rupite. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev
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