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"Skoko" waterfall, Kashina Village, Pirin Mountain

Waterfall "Skoko" is one of the largest and most beautiful in Pirin mountain. It is about 20 meters high. The noise of falling water can be heard from a distance. The water dust formed by the powerful stream of the waterfall makes taking photos a little harder. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev

Yavornishki waterfall, Belasitsa mountain

You turn right after the mosque of the village of Yavornitsa. The marking is blue. The route to the waterfall is light and is about 30 minutes. There are pavilions before the waterfall. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev

Dabitsata waterfall, Belasitsa Mountain

From the center of the village of Scrat you follow the route to the church. You will see a sign directing you to the Mangaro waterfall when you reach a branch of the road. You take the road to the right. The marking is green. Its height is about 6m. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev
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