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Elena Town

The town of Elena is located at the foot of The Balkans. Its population is about 6500 people. Throughout the centuries the town was known as Strumena and Eliana. Historical evidence shows that the valley of Elena was inhabited as early as the IVth millennium BC and people lived there in Thracian, Roman and early Byzantine times. During the Ottoman rule the town was an administrative, handicraft, trade and cultural and educational center. Crafts flourished in that period: weaving of gubers, painting, mutafchiistvo. A Large number of houses and public buildings of different architectural periods are preserved in the town of Elena today. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev

Yambol City

Yambol is located in southeastern Bulgaria. It is located on both banks of the Tundzha River. Its population is about 70,000 people. Over the centuries it has been called by various names: Diopolis, Dampolis, Dampolis, Dianpolis, Hyampolis, Dinibuli, Dabilin, Dubilin, Diamboli, Yanbolu, Yambol, Yanboli. The area along the Tundzha River has been inhabited since ancient times. We gain this evidence from more than 30 settlement mounds found around. Yambol became part of Bulgaria when Khan Tervel came into power in 705. Yambol established itself as a town with developed food, beverages and tobacco industry. It is an important agricultural and wine-making center. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev

Stara Zagora City

The city of Stara Zagora is located in Southern Bulgaria. Its population is about 150,000 people. Stara Zagora has a millennial history. About 2500 years ago the town of Beroe was founded. The town was then annexed to the Roman Empire and renamed "Augusta Trayana". During the Middle Ages the town was named Vereya, Irinopolis, Boruy. In 1364 the town was conquered by the Turks and renamed "Eski Zara". During the Renaissance, the town became an important craft and trade center with 50 types of crafts and more than 70 shops. In the 1950s the town was named Zheleznik. In 1871 the town was given its present name Stara Zagora. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev

Vidin Town

The town of Vidin is located along the Danube. The population is about 42,000 people. It was built in ancient times. During the Roman Empire it was one of the major towns of the Province of Upper Moesia. During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom Tsar Ivan Alexander entrusted the rule of Vidin to his son Ivan Sratsimir. He separated Vidin from the kingdom of Turnovo and created the kingdom of Vidin. Vidin has been known for exporting large amounts of game leather. The town is also known for the production of wines, tyres and water pumps. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev

Kotel Town

The town of Kotel is located in the foothills of The Eastern Balkans. Its population is about 5300 people. Archaeological finds in the Chobrata and Talim Tash sites reveal remains of Thracian cult complexes and rock tombs. The Thracians built many fortresses, which were later finished by the Bulgarian kings. Khan Krum destroyed the Byzantine army in 811 in the area of ​​Dimir kapia. Today's town was populated during the Turkish rule in the 15th century. Crafts such as weaving, carpet making, and tailoring were developed there. [...]
Text: Nedyalko Mihalev | Photos: Nedyalko Mihalev
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